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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Numerology Number Four

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Number Four – The Conservative

Famous Number Four Personalities: George Washington, Lord Byron, Neil Diamond, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Paul Hogan

Number Four Good Traits: Traditional, Organized

Number Four Bad Traits: Stubborn, Persistent

Number Four Lucky Color: Turquoise

Number 4 Numerology 2009 predicts that these people will quite strong in the coming year. Apart from this, Number 4 people will shock those close to them with some really good news or some bad news in 2009.

On the love front, Numerology 2009 Forecast for Number Four people says that these people will gel well romantically with Gemini, Libra, Aries and Sagittarius. Marriage can be seen on cards for many eligible number 4 people in 2009.

Professionally, Number 4 people will need to reorder themselves and their plans to achieve success in 2009. Numerology 2009 Readings for Number 4 people also says that these people will achieve success but slowly.

According to Number 4 Numerology 2009, these people might suffer from some minor head related problems like migraines or headaches. These people are advised to have regular head massage and not stress too much in 2009.

Wishing Good Luck and Prosperity to all Number Four people in 2009.