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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Numerology Number One

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Number One – The Originator

Famous Number One Personalities: Captain Cook, Alexander – The Great, Hulk Hogan, Annie Besant, Tom Hanks

Number One Good Traits: Honest, Good Leaders

Number One Bad Traits: Arrogant, Stubborn

Number One Lucky Color: Sea Green

Numerology 2009 Forecast says that people having Number One Numerology will enjoy a harmonious year ahead. Not only this, number 1 people will also gain a lot in 2009 due to their natural leadership traits.

As per Numerology 2009 predictions, love life for number one people will be romantic and without any much conflicts. Many single number one people will be able to meet their true soul mates in 2009.

Number 1 people will be appreciated for their new ideas in their professional life. Numerology 2009 Forecast also predicts chances of a good job change and getting good support from co-workers for the people belonging to Number 1 Group.

As far as health is concerned, Number One Numerology 2009 Readings say that these people will be full of energy and passion. These people are advised to avoid ego clashes and aggression to maintain their mental peace in 2009.

Wishing Good Luck and Prosperity to all Number One people in 2009.

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