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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Numerology Number Six

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Number Six – The Romantic

Famous Number Six Personalities: Queen Victoria, Max Muller, Napoleon I, Warren Hastings, Salma Hayek, Christopher Columbus

Number Six Good Traits: Idealistic, Friendly

Number Six Bad Traits: Possessive, Impatient

Number Six Lucky Color: Burgundy

Number Six Numerology 2009 says that these people will have an overall good year, both in terms of personal life as well in terms of professional life. Not only this, Number 6 people will succeed in winning the hearts of people with their smile and attitude in 2009.

According to Numerology 2009, Number Six people might have a good love relationship with Libra and Taurus. Number 6 people have bright chances of having a great love affair in 2009 that will last forever.

Professionally, Number Six people might try some new ideas and plans but there won’t be able immediate results from such plans, they need to be patient. Those people having lucky number 6 and are working as entrepreneurs will excel in their fields in 2009.

Number Six Numerology 2009 says that these people will not suffer any major health problems. All they need to do is take care of what they eat and how they burn it to stay fit and fine in 2009.

Wishing Good Luck and Prosperity to all Number Six people in 2009.

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