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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Australia Christmas Celebrations 2016

Update yourself with Australia Christmas Celebrations,  Australia Christmas Traditions, 2016 Christmas Parties in Australia.

What makes Australia Christmas Celebrations different than other Christmas celebrations around the world is the fact that it is one of those destinations that is hot during Christmas. The warm weather actually adds to the Christmas celebrations in Australia, as people can freely go out without caring for the cold weather.

Australia Christmas Traditions: Christmas celebrations in Australia starts with carols by candlelight on the Christmas Eve, when thousands of people come together to sing their favorite Christmas carols. This is then followed by lightning candles in evening and surrounding with Christmas Bush, an Australian plant with red flowered leaves.

Having a Christmas dinner at Sydney’s Bondi Beach is yet another Australian Christmas tradition. Apart from this, many Australians like having a traditional meal of turkey, pork and ham along with a delicious Christmas plum pudding on Christmas Eve. Come and check out Australia Christmas Celebrations yourself in the year 2016.

Wish you a Merry Christmas in Australia.

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