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Monday, November 3, 2008

USA Christmas Celebrations 2016

Update yourself with USA Christmas Celebrations 2016, USA Christmas Traditions, 2016 Christmas Parties in America.

USA Christmas celebrations
are famous around the world for several traditions and ways of feasting. From Christmas puddings to roasted turkey, all form a part of the large traditional Christmas feast in the USA. Americans love decorating their homes with Christmas trees and arrange for Midnight Mass to celebrate Christmas in USA.

USA Christmas Traditions: When talking about the Christmas traditions in USA, the one thing that cannot be neglected is the origin of Santa Claus in USA. Born in 1860s, Santa Claus was born in USA with a huge belly and white beard. It was in USA when the tradition of handing socks and shoes on Christmas Eve started by the kids to get gifts from Santa Claus.

Another tradition that is practiced during USA Christmas celebrations is lightening a huge Christmas tree in Washington D.C. by the President. Las Posadas is yet another Christmas tradition that is followed in American State Arizona on the occasion of Christmas. Whereas in Hawaii Christmas is celebrated with the coming of the Christmas Tree Ship.

Wish you a Merry Christmas in USA.

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