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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Do's and Dont's for Dating Leo

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Leo (Sep 22 - Oct23)


· If you have Leo partner respect him and his majestic manners.
· Accept the advice of Leo, the lion, as he is the king of the jungle.
· It is the sign of a showman, so if your partner does everything in grand style enjoy it.
· They fall easily for flattery and want to be center of attraction of all eyes (sometimes they can be quiet theatrical too).


· Never ever hurt the ego of a Leo.
· Pride, ego and vanity are some of the bags Leo's always carry with them. Do not touch these bags.
· An authoritative Leo is even more difficult to handle in such circumstances.
· Leo is a sunny sign so they do not like people who are gloomy or depressed. Even if you are crying at heart keep a sunny smile on your lips and then let the lion take charge and remove all worries from your life.

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