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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Do's and Dont's for Dating Scorpio

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Scorpio (Oct 23 - Novr 21)


· Scorpio's are full of passion and zest for life.
· They have tremendous drive that can involve you too.
· Tune in to their wavelength and you can enjoy the harmony and music of life with them.
· Scorpio's are loyal and never forget a kind deed done by you.
· If you want to enjoy life with your Scorpio lover, share their passion and intensity and you will be fascinated by how beautiful life can be with them.


· Scorpio's are very passionate and intense but they are also fiercely possessive and would like to possess your mind, body and soul.
· Do not let seeds of jealousy grow in them because then you may have to suffer agonies of jealousy and discontentment in life.
· Scorpio's have explosive tempers - be careful how you handle them.
· They never let anyone know what is going on in their mind till they strike and you may be caught unawares.
. Do not flirt around in the presence of your Scorpio lover.

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