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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Scorpio Love Compatibility 2009

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Best Scorpio Love Match: Taurus, Capricorn, Cancer, Pisces and Virgo
Average Scorpio Love Match: Scorpio and Gemini
Worst Scorpio Love Match: Leo, Aquarius, Libra, Aries and Sagittarius

Scorpio and Aries: Scorpio and Aries will be one of the bad love matches in 2009. Though they will be attracted towards each other, they will have an unstable love life if they will plan to go ahead.

Scorpio and Taurus: Scorpio and Taurus will form one of the most compatible love matches of 2009. Together these two will boost each other’s strengths and cover up each other’s weaknesses.

Scorpio and Gemini: Scorpio and Gemini form an average type of love compatibility in 2009. Both will start off well but will sooner find themselves opposites in many aspects of life.

Scorpio and Cancer: Scorpio Love Compatibility 2009 with Cancer will be a perfect compatibility. Both will enhance each other’s strengths and remove each other’s weaknesses.

Scorpio and Leo: Scorpio and Leo together form an average love couple in 2009. They both will have to work hard to stay together in their love life. There might be some misunderstanding between them.

Scorpio and Virgo: Scorpio and Virgo together form an average love match in 2009. Scorpio might feel jealous of Virgo soon. Virgo might try to dominate the Scorpio and this will disturb their relationship.

Scorpio and Libra: Scorpio with Libra too forms a so-so love pair in 2009. Scorpio will try to dominate the Libra and Libra will not give up easily and due to this problems might erupt between these two in their love life.

Scorpio and Scorpio: Scorpio with another Scorpio has a fifty fifty chances of succeeding in love in 2009. Both will try to force each other to chance the opinion about issues. Their marriage might turn out to be a disaster.

Scorpio and Sagittarius: Scorpio Love Compatibility 2009 with a Sagittarius will be extremely bad. They will face many troubles together as they will be possessive and brooding with each other.

Scorpio and Capricorn: Scorpio and Capricorn will go well in love in 2009. They will know how to deal with each other even in disputes. Both will be playful in love life and will enjoy each other’s company a lot.

Scorpio and Aquarius: Scorpio Love Compatibility 2009 with Aquarius will be bad. Aquarius’s unpredictable mood will disturb the Scorpion in their love life. Both will be of opposite nature.

Scorpio and Pisces: Scorpio and Pisces will form a great love chemistry in 2009. There’s will be a love at first sight story that will continue to blossom all through life with romance.

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