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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Virgo Love Compatibility 2009

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Best Virgo Love Match: Capricorn, Pisces, Cancer, Taurus and Libra
Average Virgo Love Match: Aquarius, Scorpio, Gemini, Aries, Leo and Virgo
Worst Virgo Love Match: Sagittarius

Virgo and Aries: Virgo and Aries will have an average love compatibility in 2009. These people will find it difficult to adjust to each other’s way of living and might separate soon.

Virgo and Taurus: Virgo Love Compatibility 2009 with Taurus will be great. Both will be practical and will maintain a superb mutual understanding. They both will give each other enough space.

Virgo and Gemini: Virgo with a Gemini forms unfavorable love compatibility 2009. There will be lot of communication problem and misunderstandings between these two.

Virgo and Cancer: Virgo and Cancer together make a superb love pair in 2009. Both these will make others around the jealous with their perfect chemistry. They will be full of optimism together in all aspects of life.

Virgo and Leo: Virgo and Leo also form a so-so love relationship in 2009. They will learn many things while in a relationship with each other and there are fifty fifty chances of this love relationship to last forever.

Virgo and Virgo: Virgo with another Virgo in 2009 will form an average love match. Both will initially be very passionate together but will start complaining and criticizing each other soon.

Virgo and Libra: Virgo Love Compatibility 2009 with Libra will be great. Both will stay together forever matching to each other needs emotionally and physically. Together they will be like a match made in heaven.

Virgo and Scorpio: Virgo and Scorpio together form an average love match in 2009. Scorpio might feel jealous of Virgo soon. Virgo might try to dominate the Scorpio and this will disturb their relationship.

Virgo and Sagittarius: Virgo Love Compatibility 2009 with Sagittarius will be bad. Virgo won’t be too passionate and this will irritate the Sagittarius. Both will find it difficult to understand each other.

Virgo and Capricorn: Virgo and Capricorn together will form a superb love pair in 2009. Both will admire each other in their love life and will make others around them jealous.

Virgo and Aquarius: Virgo and Aquarius will have an average love compatibility in 2009. Both are mental signs and will get disturbed on small issues with each other. Both need to work hard to stay together forever.

Virgo and Pisces: Virgo Love Compatibility 2009 with Pisces will be great. Pisces will be emotionally very compatible with Virgo. They both will boost each other’s strengths and suppress each other’s weaknesses.

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