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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Leo Birthday Horoscope 2010

Happy Birthday
(July 23rd – Aug 23rd)

Lucky Stone: Ruby
Perfect Birthday Gifts: Movie Tickets, Jewelry

Birthday Forecast 2010: As per Leo Birthday Horoscope 2010, Leo people be highly enthusiastic in their life soon after their birthday. At first, they might behave like a child, but sooner they will be seen serious in different phases of their life.

Leo Birthday Horoscope 2010 also mentions that these people will be successful in their own businesses or freelancing assignments. They will exhibit their convincing skills and will make great bugs out of it in 2010.

Leos in 2010 will also be seen inspiring others with their way of thinking. People around them will be bowled over by their wits in 2010. In terms of love, Leos will meet the love of their life in 2010.

Wishing all the Leos a very Happy Birthday!

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